So, like I mentioned previously, I’ve been trying to cook more. The first thing I made was the Cheesy Potato Soup. Then I made Chicken-Fried Burgers, and Butter Garlic Pasta.  The chicken-fried burgers were delicious, and I thought pasta was alright. It called for either black or green olives with pimentos on top, and I used the green since I had them on hand. Next time I will definitely try it with black because the green was just a little too strong for me.

Now, please remember this is the same girl who 6 months ago was (1) not allowed in a kitchen without supervision (no, seriously!), (2) couldn’t hard boil eggs, and (3) until a week ago couldn’t do anything BUT hard boil eggs; and is now cooking full meals (dishes)!
After that, I made black beans. That didn’t turn out the best. I didn’t season them when I was cooking them, so they were a little bit sad. I will season them when I warm them up to eat them though (I made a bunch in preparation for some burritos we’re having tomorrow night, and froze the rest for later).

So, when I was trying to create a basic recipe book, since I am very picky, and prefer vegetarian meals, I stumbled across this recipe for Quinoa Patties.

I made sure to buy the stuff needed at the grocery store this week, and I’m so glad I decided to give this one a shot. SO GOOD! I added a handful of mushrooms to mine, and at the end slathered it with avocado like the recipe recommends.

Two notes: 1. Don’t use as much garlic as the recipe calls for. It overpowers everything, which is fine if you REALLY like garlic, and don’t mind garlic breath. I wasn’t impressed. 2. Try it plain with the avocado first. And don’t be shy with the avocado (particularly if there’s too much garlic). Delicious!!

I managed to get 10 patties out of it, and they are FILLING. I ate 3 last night for dinner and was stuffed. Put the rest in tupperware in the fridge. Had 2 for lunch today, and they are just as good cold as they are warm. I will DEFINITELY be making this recipe again.

I did try some of the quinoa before I cooked the patties. Just poured a little soy sauce on, and it tasted a lot like the rice from Japanese restaurants. Delish.


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I'm 22, living in Southern California, and trying to figure out this crazy thing called life.
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  1. emmycooks says:

    Those quinoa patties look great! Save some of your black beans for this: It’s even popular with the non-veg crowd.

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